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Pension transfer specialists providing advice on deferred final salary or defined benefit pensions. Our Chartered Financial Planners can outline your best pension options.

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If you have a final salary or defined benefit pension then you are fortunate to have such a valuable guaranteed retirement income.  However for some people the flexibility that comes from giving up those guarantees can offer benefits.

If you want to take advice in this area we have qualified Pension Transfer Specialists, and maintain the appropriate permissions and authorisations to provide that advice.

As Chartered Financial Planners that hold the Pension Transfer Gold Standard you can be confident that we will always act in your interest, and put your needs front and centre of everything we do.

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Our regular progress meetings consider your wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth protection and issues that are important to you.

Now and into the future

Moving your pension is just the start.  Long term investment isn’t an intense process, but we believe your plans and long term experience will benefit significantly from our ongoing service and advice.

Most importantly, a good retirement plan needs to provide you with peace of mind, so that regardless of how complex your situation may be, you can get on with the important business of living your life, your way.


As an independent company, our advice on investments and pension transfers is transparent and impartial. Whether looking at guaranteed income, protecting beneficiaries or self-investment options going forward, there is much to consider. We appreciate the intricacies of pension transfers, providing expert advice and guidance for your situation and presenting the right options for you. 

Our holistic approach to wealth management means that we look at the broader picture as well as focusing on individual elements. Fully appreciative of different timescales and we can create a pension investment strategy that fits your future goals and aspirations. Aiming to simplify the pension transfer process as much as possible, we work closely with our clients from day one.

Taking a structured and disciplined approach to investment, we will look at risk profiles, future cash flow projections, and investment options; all focused on your long-term goals. Using a range of managed model portfolios with seven risk categories, we can adapt this approach to your changing lifestyle. Rest assured, you are in safe hands, with our team available to answer any questions or queries you may have going forward.

What affects final salary pension transfer values?

There are three primary factors that drive your transfer values. Your age, future assumed inflation of your pension, and the outlook for long term interest rates. Many other factors can affect it, but these three are the primary drivers.

Why are final salary pension schemes transfer values so high?

Values rose spectacularly after the financial crisis as long-term interest rates dropped to near nothing, and since rates have reverted to more ‘normal’ levels, transfer values have dropped significantly.

How do I ensure my pension is left to the right people if I die?

Most pensions can accept a ‘nomination of beneficiary’ which is an instruction to the trustees to make a payment in line with your wishes. Your pension is not normally subject to any will you have, although in the absence of specific direction the trustees may consider your will.

What is the Pension Transfer Gold Standard?

A commitment to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards when providing advice about Pension Transfers.

If you would like more advice on pension transfers and details of specific relevance to your exact query and situation, please select the form on this page.

What our clients say about our Pension Transfer Service...

John set out my options and clearly identified the pros and cons of a transfer out of a final salary scheme.”

Review from Verified Client – August 2023

When I was with my previous provider, I received reams of computer print-out, with never a word of explanation and with no attempt made to relate the fund to my personal circumstances. I was a pension vacuum! Signing up with Walden Capital was a revelation, due in large part to Mikki.”

Review from Verified Client – April 2023

I am completely satisfied with the service I have received from John & Walden to date. I am always able to reach a member of the Walden support team promptly by telephone, messages and emails are responded to quickly, I have been alerted when the recent financial turmoil required swift decisions to be taken to move funds elsewhere to protect my investments and my recent Annual Review was thorough. I now have confidence my pension is being managed by people with the required knowledge and who actually know and care about their clients whereas previously I was trying to manage it myself to the best of my limited understanding of the issues.”

Review from Verified Client – January 2023

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Knowledge & resources

The latest news, information and opinion on the current financial situations and trends plus useful guides to investing, pensions and making the most of your wealth.

Knowledge & resources

The latest news, information and opinion on the current financial situations and trends plus useful guides to investing, pensions and making the most of your wealth.