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09 May, 2019

Guide to Wealth Preservation

If we all knew when we were going to die, it would probably make quite a difference to how we lived our lives.  There would be more focus on the 'important' stuff, ensuring connections with loved ones, and sorting our affairs so that those left behind weren't burdened with difficult practical considerations.  Sadly, that kind of prescience is generally beyond the capability of us here at Walden Capital, but we do have some solid experience in providing bespoke advice to our clients to ensure that they can focus on the 'important' stuff, knowing that the difficult practical considerations around wealth management are looked after.

In this Guide to Wealth Preservation we look at some of the tools in our kit bag that we use to ensure that you can rest easy, with the assurance that your family wealth is looked after for you, and for those that come after you.

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by John Stirling


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