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08 July, 2022

E Smart Money July/August 2022

Welcome to the July/August edition of E-Smart Money, our periodic magazine offfering help with planning your finances.

Inflation has been a common theme this year, and with the £2 litre of fuel either with us, or nearby in many parts of the country, nothing has changed with inflation still being seen as the biggest threat to economic confidence right now, and that's against a backdrop of 30 ministers resigning before our ex Prime Minister Boris Johnson finally decided to throw in the towel.

This issue is no different, with articles on how big an impact inflation can have on your savings, and how to manage the experience.

When we ask clients 'what is more important than money?' the most common answers are family, and health.  Health is really important, and if your finances aren't in good shape, you might have to work longer and harder than your health warrants, and we look at this, and what you can do to minimise the impact on your well-being.

As you approach retirement there is work to be done to ensure that your finances are in good order both at retirement, and for hopefully many years into retirement, allowing you to live the life you planned.  A few good questions, and some prudent planning can make all the difference to this important time in our lives.

If we can help, or you have any questions, or would like to chat about your finances, we would, as always, only be too happy to hear from you.

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by John Stirling