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26 February, 2019

Déjà vu All Over Again

Investment done properly is quite boring.  At Walden Capital it requires robust disciplined application of strong academic research over long periods of time, and we're pretty proud of that.  You will notice however that investment marketing can be an exciting place.  Every few years a new fad will appear, whether it be the BRICS of the naughties, or the FAANGS now, there is always a good story about how to 'win' the investment journey.  However there is no substitute for that long term disciplined view - short cuts do exist, but rarely to the go where you want to.

Here we have an entertaining and educational look at some of the historic fads that have been used to try and suck investors in to get them to invest in strategies which seem highly effective, but which are based on backward looking information designed to appear as if it predicts future out performance.

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by John Stirling