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Wealth Management

We would not attempt to provide you with any advice until we had a thorough understanding of your life and were sure that we could add significant value.

Our wealth management consultative process explores and identifies your key aspirations, values, needs and concerns. We use one of the world’s most highly acclaimed psychometric risk profiling tools, in conjunction with Institutional forensic software, to analyse the cost and suitability of your current investment portfolio and pensions.

Next, our lifestyle cash flow modelling software enables us to undertake a ‘gap analysis’ to help ascertain where problems may occur in achieving your goals and identify any blind spots.

We then consolidate all this information to create a robust and sustainable financial plan that will put you firmly in command of your own future. Our personally constructed model portfolios form the bedrock of your strategic investment plan.

Reviewing your investments

Walden Capital uses administrative platforms or ‘wraps’ that provide you with numerous benefits including being able to view your consolidated financial assets in one location.

Advanced Planning

We address your advanced planning needs at our regular progress meetings which will consider your wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth protection and and any other relevant issues such as charitable giving.

Additional specialist skills may sometimes be required to complement our own and we have put together a team of carefully selected professionals, each with a high level of expertise in a key financial area. Access to this professional network ensures that your requirements are always fastidiously dealt with.