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Guide to Managing and Maximising your Wealth

18 January, 2022

Most of us want the best for ourselves and our families.  Achieving the best rarely happens by accident and whether it's winning at sports, achieving at work, or building financial security the most important step is planning.

Of course a plan on its own isn't enough - action is required too, and it is the combination of taking action to deliver on a well designed plan that has the highest chance of succeeding.

Managing wealth is like any other long term endeavour.  A plan, action to execute the plan, and regular reviews to determine whether you're still on track, making any changes required to keep on the path to success are the key requirements to deliver long term family security.

At Walden Capital we believe it is these disciplines that result in financial security for you and your family. 

Don't try to 'win' by picking individual stocks, or 'timing the market' - both of those traps have far more failures to their name than successes, and any success that way comes as much through luck as judgement. 

Do follow the academically proven route of executing according to an agreed plan, regularly reviewing your plan, make changes as required by circumstance, not whim.

Do build a diversified portfolio which is systematically invested, low cost, and has the right amount of risk to achieve your goals but which allows you to sleep nights.

Do take the time to allow your plan to deliver the benefits that long term investment can.

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