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Estate & Trust Planning

17 September, 2019

Most of our job as Wealth Managers is about ensuring you know how much money you have, making sure it is invested wisely and tax efficiently, and giving guidance as to whether your plans for the future are affordable given your current and future expected resources.  For many of our clients it is also important to know that when they have finished with their funds, and are looking towards their children and grandchildren, that the right structures are in place to protect your assets from the predations of the future, whether they are an unfortunate marriage, untimley death, or simply unwelcome taxes.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, but it is possible to choose the compromises you are most happy with, and with regard to your estate and financial affairs it is possible to plan for the future, whether unforeseen, or even unforeseeable, to try and ensure that as far as possible your wishes for the disposition of your financial affairs are respected.

To help you consider what planning if any you would like to consider or implement, we have produced a handy guide on how to plan your estate for the future, and some of the pitfalls that might make doing so an attractive option.

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