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A Guide to Estate Preservation

10 May, 2022

Walden Capital specialises in providing a bespoke wealth management service for our clients.  We help our clients feel assured that their financial needs will be accommodated now and in the future, and the financial assets that they ask us to provide advice on are managed efficiently and effectively. 

There are three pillars to the financial aspects of wealth management. 

  • The first would be the actual investment; ensuring that your money is deployed with an appropriate level of risk; and using components which work together to build an efficient portfolio. 
  • The second is to do this in a tax aware fashion, and ensure that as far as possible you retain the growth you've earned. 
  • The third and final pillar is where our skill as independent advisers lies, using our knowledge and inspiration to build a plan that ensures that your money will be available to you when you most need it.

An important element of this last pillar is what happens when you die.  For many of our clients estate planning is an important consideration.  You may have worked incredibly hard for your money, and you may like to see it pass to your children or other beneficiaries after you no longer need it.  There are many things that can be done to improve this, from the simplest of having a will in place, to more complex planning such as exempt investments or using trusts to direct funds according to your wishes.

Please see our latest guide on how this important area of planning might work for you.

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