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23 November, 2017

The Uncommon Average

If you're a client of Walden Capital one of the phrases you will have heard a lot is 'we don't know what the future will bring'.  When you're a customer, it's a difficult message to hear, and as a Chartered Financial Planner it's a difficult message to deliver.  But it is vitally important that we tell the truth to all of our clients.  However not knowing what any one day, month, or year will bring doesn't make planning pointless, very much the contrary in fact. Long term averages, and the belief that they will be delivered is a vital part of planning, and in this document, from Dimensional Fund Advisors, we examine how markets have delivered the returns expected over the long term, even though in any one year prediction is almost useless.

We believe we can prove that markets work given time,  and that a long term focus combined with a risk targeted exposure will add value to your situation. But our most important characteristic, and one which we will never shirk from is that we will always tell you the truth.

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by John Stirling


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