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17 December, 2015

The Deep End

If you're making a new investment, committing to the 'markets' can be a daunting prospect;  what happens if the day you hit 'go' proves to be a bad day? - or worse still a really good one followed by bad days?  Many investors try to time their entry to the market - and their exits too.  Needless to say these attempts are rarely rewarded with success;  indeed the very process of trying to identify the right moment means taking a 'bet' which provides a hostage to fortune, which hurts worse when it comes home to roost. 

Here Jim Parker, Vice President of Dimensional Fund Advisers proposes a better way;  that if we refocus on the long term purpose of investment and ignore the short term aberrations, a better outcome can be achieved for all.  Learn to control the things we can control;  costs, asset allocation, and risk exposure; learn to ignore the things we cannot.

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by John Stirling