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14 November, 2019

Planning for your Retirement

We spend the first, and smallest third of our lives in education.  The second third in work, and the final third in retirement.  For many of our clients that final 'third' is the largest of those three periods of time.  As such, planning a successful retirement is a critical part of financial planning.

We believe that this incorporates many aspects of planning, whether you will continue to live in the home in which you may have brought up children, travelling, helping family with financial support, and ensuring your assets are protected against the ravages of poor health, or excessive inheritance tax being just a few.

However the keystone that underpins most people's retirement planning is having enough money to do the things that make a successful retirement, and the most efficient way of timeshifting funds from working age into retirement, and making them work tax efficiently and effectively in the meantime is by funding a pension.

It is not too much of an exaggeration to say that adequate pension funding is synonymous with a successful retirement.  Of course it's possible to do it without, but it is hugely more difficult.

At Walden Capital we have produced a guide to help you review your retirement funding options, and consider what might be the best way for you to build up the pot of money required to allow you to live the live you want in retirement.

Download the PDF >>>

by John Stirling