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07 March, 2018

Nine Experts, Three Surprises, and One Million Dollar Bet

At Walden Capital we believe in a few factors which make a big long term difference to your money.  We are not inactive investors, but we think we can prove that the vast majority of investment activity does not serve investors well.  So whilst we are not inactive - we do not act without very good reason.

In particular trying to out perform markets by choosing 'winning' stocks rarely delivers more return than the additional risk you're taking by concentrating on a few individual investments, and if it goes wrong, it goes wrong spectacularly.  We build portfolios which do their job benefting from wide diversification, in a relatively unspectacular way, and this is entirely deliberate.

In the linked article Weston Wellington, Vice President of Dimensional Fund Advisors looks at the predictions from a few active managers and other financial giants for 2017, and whether active 'bets' have a place in your investment portfolio or whether the simple discipline of following proven scientific strategies will deliver you a better long term investment experience.

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by John Stirling


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