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20 July, 2017

Headline Blues

Managing money on behalf of our clients is hard.  We take it seriously, and work very hard indeed to ensure that your investment experience is what you would expect it to be.  However guessing what is going to happen in the future is even harder.  Or rather it would be more precise to say that guessing accurately and consistently what will happen in the future is really hard. 

This article, written by Jim Parker, Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisers explores how effective pundits really are, and whether basing your investment decisions on what the media says, or the predictions of 'experts' is a prudent decision, or a dangerous gamble.  We believe that a consistent, evidence based approach, taking little account of the 'froth' generated by the daily news is more likely to help you to achieve your long term objectives.

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by John Stirling


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