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03 September, 2018

Guide to Asset Allocation

At Walden Capital we invest your money into simple, regulated, funds to provide a safe and secure investment experience which will be in line with your risk profile.  This is not the same thing as low risk - but we work hard to ensure that the risks you experience are related to volatility, how much it goes up or down on a daily basis - not whether you get any money back at all.  It is critically important that your investment performs in line with your risk tolerances, and provides the maximum opportunity for growth that is consistent with the amount of volatility you are prepared to accept.

The way we achieve this is by building our portfolios from a range of components which attempt to deliver a targeted volatility over time, and thus opportunity for growth.

Please see the attached simplified explanation of some of the component types we use to deliver this outcome, and how some of the aspects of each component can influence the eventual outcome.

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by John Stirling


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