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10 November, 2021

E Smart Money November/December 2021

ESmartMoney - How Can I Protect My Wealth From Inflation?

Welcome to the November/December edition of our digital magazine E Smart Money

Now that the end of the pandemic is drawing near, or at least hopefully so, thoughts are moving to what comes next.  After ten years of post financial crisis economics and two years of COVID financial commentators are suggesting that at long last inflation will raise it's ugly head.

For those living on a fixed income this is a frightening prospect, as it is still within economic memory where inflation was double digits year after year, and at just 10% per annum prices double in less than 8 years, and even at 5% per annum it only takes just over 14 years for the value of money to halve.

This edition looks at how you might be able to protect yourself from this process, and ensure that whether inflation comes back with a roar or a whimper, you aren't disadvantaged.

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by John Stirling


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