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16 November, 2020

Cashflow Modelling

People often think that the purpose of Financial Planning and Wealth Management is to make them rich, or richer.  It isn't.  It is to bring comfort and security to one of the most vexing questions in the modern world.  Vexing because it's difficult to state let alone answer.  "Will we have enough to be comfortable and achieve our goals in life?" 

This may resonate with you, or your burning question may be slightly different, but chances are answering some variant of this question will provide you with the most valuable output that good Financial Planning can provide.  The best tool to achieve this is Cashflow Forecasting - where we build a model of your situation, your financial goals, and reaosnable assumptions, and then see whether you're going to be OK or not. 

Of course it will be out of date the minute it's presented, but with ongoing monitoring, regular reviews, and updates as your situation changes, we believe it provides a powerful tool for projecting your current situation into the future, and seeing what might happen based on your choices now.

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by John Stirling