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09 January, 2019

A Guide to Retirement Planning

It is often said there are two certainties in life; death and taxes.  A lot of time is spent thinking about how to pay, or how to minimise the cost of our taxes, whilst avoiding thinking about the other at all.  Well another area that we often choose to avoid thinking about is the long period ahead of death and after our working lives, and that is retirement. 

These days it is not uncommon to spend as long in retirement as we have spent at work, and an active retirement is far from cheap.  Across the country, pension planning is still far short of what is required despite the success of Auto Enrolment for workplace pensions.  Retirement planning itself is of course about a lot more than just pensions, even though this tax efficient tool is a key ingredient. 

Here we present our 2019 guide on Retirement Planning to give you some pointers for effective long term savings for the future that you may not yet know, but for which you can be fairly confident you will experience one day soon.

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by John Stirling