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05 February, 2020

A Guide to Pensions Freedoms

One of the biggest changes to pensions in a generation was also one of the least well publicised before the announcement.  When pensions freedoms were announced in 2014 it was almost entirely out of the blue.  A generation of pension savers were no longer required to convert their hard earned pension fund into an annuity which would last as long as they would, but often no longer, and which provided a return which many people regarded as deeply unattractive.

The best thing about a world of pensions freedoms has been that you can spend your pension fund as and when you see fit.  The worst thing about pensions freedoms is that you can spend ALL of your pension fund before you've finished with it.

There are several options now that simply did not exist before March 2014, and it is neither simple nor obvious as to which are the best for you.  We have prepared a short guide on Pensions Freedoms to examine your options, and help you decide what might be right for you.  Of course, providing advice on this area is a core business for Walden Capital, and our guide isn't a substitute for personalised independent advice, but may provide a useful pointer as to where to start.

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by John Stirling