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Commercial Finance

Just because you are a business borrower rather than a home buyer does not mean you deserve any less efficient a service.  We believe in delivering on our promises.

The banks are no longer as supportive as they once were and if your bank isn't willing to provide you the finance you need, either secured on a property, or as some form of working capital then we may be able to assist.

Sometimes simply having us involved gives your own bank enough comfort to lend you the money they otherwise would not.

We work with every major lender in the UK  acting as your agent. We ensure that you are treated fairly and pay no more than you need to pay for the funds you need to deliver your business objectives.

These days there is no 'typical' rate so we can't quote figures, but we won't hide our costs from you - they are agreed up front once we know what we are doing for you. 

We charge an administration fee of £395  to make an application for finance, and will typically charge a success fee.  We will always discuss this with you before you make a commitment, and we always fully disclose to you everything we earn.