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Bridging, Development and Specialist Finance

Straight forward and direct, honest, transparent and totally committed.

Almost every broker who operates in this space claims to offer 100% lending (subject to other security), the cheapest deals, the fastest completions, the most money.

To be entirely blunt, it isn't about the money.  We work with every lender who lets us know they exist and provides bridging loans, development finance, or any other specialised financial package.  That isn't 100% of the market because some lenders will only deal with brokers whom place most of their business with them. 

We don't have favourites.

We are your agent, not the lender's, and we never forget it.

We will strive to provide you with the very best deal possible, whether that is the most money, the cheapest money, the most flexible money, the easiest lender to deal with, or the fastest completion, or something else which is your special requirement.  We build our proposition to you around your requirements.

We can't quote examples, as every deal is different.

We may charge an administration fee for working with you to make an application for finance, and will typically charge a success fee.  We will always discuss this with you before you make a commitment and we always fully disclose to you everything that we earn.