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Ten Christmas thoughts!

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In this final article before the Christmas break, my initial thought was to write a ’12 days of Christmas’ knock off with a financial advice theme – but do you know how hard it is to get something that scans and rhymes, whilst making sense?  Even the Financial Conduct Authority don’t help, by insisting on […]

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement 2023

Autumn Statement

It’s going to be a few years yet before the extraordinary debt levels the country took on through the financial crisis or the pandemic begin to recede – 2029 according to ONS predictions, but things are perhaps a little better than expected, and the Chancellor has used the wiggle room provided to deliver what seems like a pre-election budget.

So, what does a good financial planner do?  Or rather, what good does a financial planner do?

Cashflow screenshot showing possibilities

Read it again – it does make sense!

The historic view of financial advice that it’s all about picking funds, selling pensions, and generally keeping busy trying to be a broker might have had some validity many years ago (although I have my doubts), what we do has become much more valuable to clients.

These days a good financial planner focuses on the client; looking at your goals, your fears, and your plans for the future.  It is more than a little like coaching when done well, and will challenge your views around money, and your relationship with it.

Is Crypto the future?  Well, it’s probably a future.

Whether you’re a ‘crypto fan’ or a ‘crypto sceptic’ you probably have an opinion regarding digital currencies. It is an area of finance that grew from nothing ten years ago to rivalling the size of the UK economy in 2021 – before shrinking around 60% since the end of 2021. Here, our own John Stirling shares his views.